Greetings from Santa!

Thank you for coming to visit me on this merry website!

I asked the elves in our website department here at the North Pole to build this website for me. It fulfills a very special purpose.

It helps me to feel better.

You see, I feel so very bad that I cannot answer all the cards and letters and messages I receive each year. The world has become so big that I could spend all my time trying to respond to the mail I receive and I’d never have time to do anything else.

But a good solution to this is to send out more Christmas cards. I can do that!

I know it is a pale substitute for a personal letter but I do hope you’ll allow me to send you a Christmas card. It would make me very happy.

If that is why you are here please do not hesitate to put your name on the list. But remember, there are a few rules.

But really it is a simple thing. And I thank you for allowing me to do it.

Merry Christmas.

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